Cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is when a dominant culture, usually white, takes aspects of an oppressed culture and profits from it in some way. Recent uproar surrounding Kylie Jenner’s hairstyle choice brought cultural appropriation to the forefront of the media. Many groups … Continue reading

Women Against Equality

Trigger warning: Discussion of domestic violence, and rape culture. The Women Against Feminism campaign has attracted “thousands of photos since July 2013” and attracted even more criticism. Women submit their photos to the Tumblr blog with their reasons why they … Continue reading

Hating Australian Film

Decline. Decline. Decline. That’s the main word we hear when someone talks about the Australian Film industry, or what’s left of it. The Canberra Times said in 2011 that we haven’t seen a blockbuster in Australian Film since Baz Luhrmann’s … Continue reading