The Following is Transmedia

Transmedia is when a show, movie, book, game etc moves across multiple platforms with multiple stories that enhance the original.  This makes a product an experience rather than just a product.  Transmedia is a marketing tool used to engage with audiences on a broader scale than would be possible with just one type of product or just one story.

After reading a fellow student’s blog, I have a better understanding of what transmedia is.  They used a great example, Castle.  Other transmedia brands include The Matrix, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars.  They have created alternate worlds parallel to reality.

The (amazing and addictive) new show, The Following, could become a great example of transmedia. 

Already they are introducing possibilities for spin-off stories and possibilities for extra products.  I made up a list of what I would do if I was marketing The Following.

1- Release Joe Carroll’s book

2- Joe Carroll was once a university lecturer, release essays and recordings of lectures to build a solid identity.

3- Create a newspaper/channel.  This would, of course, be exaggerated, missing vital information regarding people’s involvement and identities, be distorted and biased.  Have this as the channel in the show, make it online for viewers.

4- An online mystery or trail.

5- An alternate reality game like that of “The Lost Experience“.

There are so many more possibilities with this show!  It could easily be a honey pot for transmedia. 

A brand that opens itself to transmedia is opening itself for a broader audience, a passionate fan base and chances to continue a brand into the future.  For example, the Star Wars transmedia journey has been going for over 30 years.  Because of transmedia it has been reinvented and rejuvenated for current fans but also for new followers.

How does transmedia enhance our experience of a show or movie?

Tell me your thoughts

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