I find introductory posts awkward. I mean, you’re attempting to convince someone you’re not actually as boring as you really are. I don’t lay in bed procrastinating all the work I have to do by messaging friends on Facebook, pinning photos of trees on my Pinterest boards and listening to One Direction on Spotify while wondering why nothing ever gets done. That’s just silly. But really, that’s how I use media. It’s both a way to produce interesting content and a way to waste time.

When I was thinking about how I use and interact with certain media and I found myself separating them into two distinct categories. The first was my university and work use, which consists of sites like WordPress, Linkedin and Twitter. The second was my phone sitting next to me at all times ready to grab that message as soon as it comes in, or respond to that snap as quick as possible. Thinking about it a bit more, I figured there is a bit of overlap since I first started blogging and tweeting for my media subjects. During the holidays I find myself itching to turn out a blog post and most Monday nights I’m tweeting about current affairs when #qanda comes on our screens. I realised that my media space is a venn diagram. So here is a visual representation of my media space.

Dem Photoshop skillz tho

Dem Photoshop skillz tho

So anyway, my name is Rachael and this is my blog. Stick around, sometimes I’m funny.

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