Internet Reception

As a five year old my mother saw the introduction of colour television. It was a Chrysler television and she remembers watching the likes of I Love Lucy and Bandstand. Before the innovation of colour she watched Thunderbirds in black and white, but reminisces that it was like an entirely different show when she first saw it in colour. In a time when the internet was far from the minds of people, the television brought the family together after the chores where done and dinner was finished. It wasn’t until my grandmother was given a portable television set for her birthday that the family was allowed to watch while eating due to it being placed in the kitchen. It’s obvious that the placement of televisions signify the “hearts of the home”.


I know I’m not the only one who does this.

It’s hard to imagine an invention today that would rival that of the introduction of television, except the internet of course. Where television of yesteryear brought people together, the internet takes that away from us and makes watching shows an individual activity. There are no more squabbles over the remote or over what everyone is going to watch. We are able to download a season of our favourite show at the press of a button. The internet, lack of time and the reclusive nature that an overtly socialised technology (smartphones, laptops and the apps available to us) promotes is causing us to move away from television as a platform and use the internet as a way to catch up on our favourite shows and chat to our mates. The internet does away with our worries about reception and missing our shows, it gives us incredible opportunities to view tv in our own time and our own space.


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