Anti-social Media?

There is a fear in our modern society that technology and social media is stealing relationships and social interactions. We spend hours looking at our phone screens; messaging our friends, snapchatting, playing games and googling random stuff. This fear has prompted things like the Look Up campaign.

This video has been viewed over 46 million times. But is there really much difference in our modern culture compared to previous generations?


It doesn’t look much different to me

The space in which we are influences how we use technology. When we are with strangers, we don’t just go up to them and ask for their life story; that’s a one way ticket to Creepville. When we are with our mates, we go to our phones when there’s a lull in conversation or we don’t really feel like joining in, what’s so wrong with that? It’s all about context. I don’t believe it’s true when media professionals say that we are losing our social culture because of technology and social media. Our culture is evolving. We move to messaging to say things we may not be able to if we were standing face to face with someone. Like that hot guy you wanted to ask out to coffee but didn’t have the guts to. We use social skills we learn in person and transfer them to our technology. We become closer to friends because we can keep a conversation going for days, if we don’t want to join in we don’t, we mute the notifications. Social media technology is just a digital version of real life social interaction.

I think we forget this. Here is a video that gets at what I’m trying to say, but it does it in a much better way 😉

Tell me your thoughts

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