Open or Closed 2.0

This is the third “open or closed“/”cathedral vs bazaar” blog I’ve written since starting university. And it probably won’t be the last judging by lecture content so far. This time I’m going to apply the “latest” lecture material to Amazon’s Kindle because it’s a closed technology. Kindle is the most successful of available e-readers. This could be due to the fact that it offers an exclusivity that other e-readers, like Sony, can not.

A review comparing a Sony reader with a Kindle identified that the Amazon reader promotes books they want the reader to buy on the technology where the Sony does not. This, to me, is and indicator of a closed technology. Amazon wants to keep their customer on their technology so continually offers more and more suggestions, where the Sony reader only displays books on the device. The review also touches on the fact that Kindle does not allow its users to shop at other bookstores and read other books files on their e-reader other than what they have purchased at the Kindle store.

I guess some people find the idea of using a closed technology on the same level as a needle to the eye, but it truly doesn’t bother me personally what the technology is as long as it allows me to do what I need or want to do.


I couldn’t find a meme that related to open or closed technology.

One thought on “Open or Closed 2.0

  1. Hey again =)
    I liked your comparison of Kindle and Sony e-readers for this topic. The deviance to the usual debate of phone platforms brought in a new perspective to this discussion. While I too have no specific preference of platform I use aside from it’s ability to function as I would like it to, the comment on kindle as a closed technology is interesting. The popularity of kindle and it’s widespread use of advertising (even buying textbooks you are shown ads to get on your kindle) has lead to many people I know referring to all e-readers as a “kindle” and introduction of the kindle app to other devices has significantly increased it’s use over other e-readers inspiring articles such as which extols the benefits of both an iPad and kindle both using closed platforms demonstrating the connection that has developed between these services.
    Short but sweet your article expands the direction of the platform debate and introduces a new source of platform rivalry. Keep up the great work!

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