Regulation or censorship?

When I was in high school every second website was blocked. Especially social media ones. All my friends wanted to do was check Bebo and MySpace but that darn blocked message popped up every time. Why block students from being social online though? It can be assumed it was because teachers believed that students wouldn’t do their work and would waste their time on social media all day. I reckon it was ’cause they were scared we’d talk about them behind their backs.


But why does regulation of audiences seem like such a huge part of an authorities’ power? Over the past few years we’ve seen certain video games prohibited in Australia because we did not have an R18+ rating. This meant that people who were able to play these games with a mature mindset did not have the opportunity to play them. I believe this shows that the Australian Government believed that video games were the hobby of mainly children. This is not the case with the main gaming audience being aged around 34 years old.


Too right, Twainy.

Regulating audiences has always been a way of keeping sensitive material out of the spotlight, so it’s safe to say that it is a kind of censorship. When governments regulate media it is possible to see what they fear people will view, read or participate in. This is just like in school when certain websites were blocked. The sites that were blocked were not blocked for our safety but from the belief that we would socialise online rather than do our work. This shows that regulation, portrayed in a way that makes it seem beneficial to us, is really just another way of censoring audiences based on what the Government believes is and is not suitable.

Tell me your thoughts

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