Hating Australian Film

Decline. Decline. Decline. That’s the main word we hear when someone talks about the Australian Film industry, or what’s left of it. The Canberra Times said in 2011 that we haven’t seen a blockbuster in Australian Film since Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom, my all time favourite movie. As much as I absolutely love that movie, I disagree. What about Happy Feet, released in 2006? What about Red Dog, released in 2011? What about Animal Kingdom, released in 2010? Omg, Hating Alison Ashley?


When I quote Hating Alison Ashley

There are people who say that Australian Film isn’t diverse enough. I’m calling bullshit. You can see the diversity of Australian film just from that list above. Why are people so negative when it comes to homegrown talent and film? Baz “Creative Genius” Luhrmann (best director ever) has paved the way for Australian film makers in Hollywood and most of us weren’t extremely apprehensive about going to the cinema to see The Great Gatsby last year. Even The Sapphires (not by Baz, but still great) in 2012 took Australia and the globe by storm.

After trawling the internet for hours trying to dig up some stats that show the Aussie film industry is in decline, I found none. It was all media speculation. So what can be done about this phantom box office decline down under? Marketing of movies is, I believe, the number one factor in building an audience before the movie has been released. Engaging with possible audiences and demographics is one way to understand the audience and attract them to see the next quotable movie.

So, while the Australian media keeps saying our movie making industry is in dire straights, I’m going to rewatch Hating Alison Ashley and wait for the next big thing.

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