Another blogging subject, another reflection

When I began this subject I found blogging a simple task to undertake as I have already blogged for many subjects before this. Having an established blog with a following definitely made it easier for me to transition into blog posts that was more focused on primary research than just looking at what others have done in the past.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found that this subject’s blog posts don’t engage my audience as much as blogs from other subjects. And those who do engage with them are usually from other subjects from this session. I know this is due to the fact that I haven’t tweeted as much about this subject as I have with others.

In week two we looked into how television was received in the home by people of an older generation. We were required to interview an older family member, I chose my mum who grew up in the ’70s. This week’s blog really opened my eyes to how television technology was embraced and shunned in the past.

Week three allowed me to explore my love of conspiracy theories and dystopian novels. It was all about audience measurement and the lengths that corporations and advertisers will go to to get your reaction or opinion of their product. I really liked this week’s blog as it allowed me draw on shows and ideas that I have an interest in.

Week four had us revisit our first interviewee (mum) and ask them about their first use of internet. This was much more relatable than the television interview, especially because I was around for my mum’s use of internet. The topic for this week was also how the National Broadband Network impacted on the average Australian family. This topic didn’t pique my interest as much as previous topics and I found writing about it sometimes difficult.

My At The Movies blog post in week five was definitely the easiest I’ve written as it was from my own experience at the cinema. I went with a friend to see a travelling film festival at Wollongong Event Cinema and drew on that experience for this post. But by this week I found keeping up with blogging difficult as I had many other assessments due at the time.

Week six saw me writing about how technology and social media impacts our physical face-to-face relationships. I disagreed that social media was a negative in social situations.

I found the most relatable week to write about was week seven. This week was all about multitasking, or the myth of multitasking. I drew on my own experiences with this and used those as examples for the blog post.

Week eight saw me write about media regulation. I took the angle that regulation is a type of censorship and used previous experiences in high school and blocked websites as examples.

Week nine was all about the Aussie film industry. I love Australian Film so when our lecturer was talking about how it was in decline I went digging to find some facts to prove this was actually the case. I found none so wrote about all the successes we’ve had and drew on all the films I grew up with.

Overall I found blogging for this subject did not really add to what I was learning. I found it difficult to keep up at times and even though we were given topics I found them hard to write about.

I think my audience engagement for this subject reflected on how I engaged with this subject, which was not a lot. I believe that if I tweeted about the weekly topics I would have attracted more readers to my blog but I think I found it a waste of time to do this at the time.

I have a great following on my blog, but I don’t think it increased when I wrote about this subject. I used pictures in all of my posts, particularly memes. The design of my blog has been the same for a while and I have no intention of changing it anytime soon because I like the way it looks.

Another blogging subject, another reflection.

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