Ahh, hacking of the 80s. How simple. How quaint. Ferris Bueller used his computer hacking prowess for his own selfish reasons. Today we have hackers who break down a country’s defence system, kill the internet and leak nude pictures of celebrities.

What good is hacking in an age of information? We have access to almost all information, but what about information that doesn’t want to be accessed? Governments around the globe keep knowledge of some events and information private because it may jeopardise their credibility and power. Rarely do we see a government held accountable for actions that are unethical and corrupt. It is usually through hacking or leaks of information that makes us question the actions of those in power.


Seems legit.

Julian Assange brought us wikileaks. The online whistle-blower allows the anonymous submission on sensitive and secret material and distributes what it sees to be important to the public. Media channels then promote the information to the general public. Governments scramble to tighten media regulations to protect their own interests.

Some argue that, as we are the public, we have no right to the information that wikileaks distributes. We also have no right to look at the nude pictures of celebrities that have been hacked from their private accounts, but many people have no problem with that because they chose an extremely public career. The government is appointed by us to represent and lead us, why are we not entitled to the information it wishes to keep from our eyes?

Tell me your thoughts

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