Computer Wars

War. There are many connotations that surround the word. Death, destruction, oppression. But what about wars online? Surely a cyber war would be much safer than a physical war; sadly, the two are usually used hand in hand.

This was seen when the US and Israeli Governments developed a computer worm called Stuxnet to target Iran. Released in the American summer of 2010, the virus infected 130,000 computer globally. Only 60% were actually in Iran.

This infographic expands on the journey of Stuxnet and how it is likely that it was used as a blueprint for other viruses.


I don’t understand why a Government would risk a virus developed by them being used against them. Obviously they felt that the reward outweighed the risks. With more and more information and essential infrastructure moving to the online world, cyber warfare will only grow and become more sophisticated as time goes on.

cyber-warrior cartoon_thumb[1]

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