For the internet is dark and full of terrors

From Game of Thrones memes, to sensitive government material, the internet is a big place and full of things. This is the internet of things.


We have created a space with no idea for what it could be used for and allowed people to do with it what they will; internet is an open technology! We’ve filled it with videos, memes and cats. But we’ve also filled it with news, activism and politics. It’s amazing to see the diversity of content we can access on the internet. I feel that there is no clear way to define what the internet holds except by saying it is “the internet of things”.

First coined by the MIT Media Lab, the term “internet of things” has been floating around since 1999. But rather than originally meaning an internet full of diverse content, it actually means physical objects that connect to the internet. Your phone, your computer, your fridge (depending on your fridge).

Here is another example of the internet of things where a company has developed an alarm that links into your wifi and uses it to send alerts to your phone.

With more and more technology relying on an internet connection to function we are vulnerable to becoming unable to carry out simple tasks if our internet connection was to fail. I think this is something that needs to be considered more when technologies are developed for the safety of people. If the connection is lost, so is your safety?

3 thoughts on “For the internet is dark and full of terrors

  1. Interesting article. It’s amazing how dangerous the internet can be – for example how one can just delete a person from their existence at the matter of a single button. A single button that has the potential to inflict emotional damage and yet it’s the easiest thing in the world to just pretend it never happened and that person never existed. The internet’s biggest flaw is the ability to stop communication and confrontation and to leave people in the dark. Wanting answers but only gaining silence and betrayal. The power of the internet leaves people of today assuming that it’s simply okay to stop talking to someone, to delete their existence as if they’re just a fictional character, that the answer to a problem is to ignore. Yet the answer to ignoring is just pain for both parties. This needs to change – don’t you agree?

  2. Hard copies, manual backups and alternatives, state of the art security are some of the things that become more important rather than less in a technological society. The internet of things is a really generalised name to give to the way we communicate. Its a fluid concept and one that will change with every new advancement in interconnectivity.

  3. The video you used is a really good example of the IoT and is probably a device that people will start integrating into their homes in the near future. When you stated in your first paragraph that the internet is full of things such as memes etc I must admit I thought your post was going to be a bit general but then you clarified that the IoT connects the internet with physical objects in your second paragraph so good work 🙂

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