Women Against Equality

Trigger warning: Discussion of domestic violence, and rape culture.

The Women Against Feminism campaign has attracted “thousands of photos since July 2013” and attracted even more criticism. Women submit their photos to the Tumblr blog with their reasons why they do not need feminism. Most of the reasons these women submit are personal reasons, based purely on their individual situations with no thought to other women and their situations. The definition of feminism is as follows:

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights for equality of the sexes

Many women who have submitted their reasons for opposing the movement on Women Against Feminism say that they shun feminism because it promotes misandry, is discriminate against men, victimises women and that there is simply no need for feminism anymore because everyone is equal. Some commentators praise the movement and believe it is the dawn of a new movement of equality.


If everyone was equal rape culture, domestic violence, sexual harassment, victim shaming, and objectification would no longer be serious issues for women living in this “post-feminist” time. Everyday women are subject to these issues. Destroy the Joint count women killed by violence in Australia. This year alone 59 women have been killed. The Everyday Sexism Project highlights harassment some women face in their lives.

The Women Against Feminism movement actively disrupts the work of feminists campaigning for equality by undermining their efforts. They have done this by promoting claims that feminists hate men and feminists do not believe in the rights of men, when this is not the case. More than ever, feminists are working hard to dismantle the hyper-masculine society we live in; hyper-masculinity is one of the driving forces behind domestic violence, rape culture and objectification. Fighting to destroy gender expectations is imperative in breaking down cycles of violence and sexual violence towards both genders. When feminists say women are being raped, they are not saying men are not. When feminists say women are being battered by their partners, they are not saying men are not. When feminists say women deserve to be equal, they are not saying women are better than men. This is where the Women Against Feminism movement shows how misinformed it is. Many women on the site mention they do not hate men, they respect and love their husbands; feminism is not a movement of hate, but Women Against Feminism wants to portray it as that.


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