Hating Australian Film

Decline. Decline. Decline. That’s the main word we hear when someone talks about the Australian Film industry, or what’s left of it. The Canberra Times said in 2011 that we haven’t seen a blockbuster in Australian Film since Baz Luhrmann’s … Continue reading

The Climate of News

News values was an issue I lightly toughed on in my previous post.  One news value is the balance of a story.  They say there are always two sides to a story, this means journalists usually report 50/50 for each … Continue reading

“International” News

The quotation marks around international in the title of this blog is a metaphor displaying how international news is not as international as corporations would have their audiences believe.  One example of how international news can be ignored or deemed … Continue reading

Lost in Globalisation

Entertainment can cross borders and cultures, Hollywood movies are proof of that.  But what about television shows.  Some shows are so culturally significant and centred on one specific place that they are sure to fail if they are adapted to … Continue reading

Bogan Politics

Everywhere in Australia, bogans are rejoicing.  When they sit down to read their weekend newspapers and see this sprawled in front of them I wonder what their first thoughts of this advertising campaign would have been.  One of the many … Continue reading