Bogan Politics

Everywhere in Australia, bogans are rejoicing.  When they sit down to read their weekend newspapers and see this sprawled in front of them I wonder what their first thoughts of this advertising campaign would have been.  One of the many … Continue reading

Mirror rorriM

Well, that has to be the worst title ever…

I found that, although the lectures provided a base, I learnt more from my fellow students. I believe this is because whilst reading blog posts I questioned, compared and contrasted my own understanding and viewpoints on the topics. Questioning, comparing and contrasting was definitely the time when I felt like I was absorbing material.

From the lectures, I found I learnt the most from week 2.  Whilst watching this lecture I realised that I’m one of those that blames the media for my problems.  It’s the easy way out.  I find that, since this lecture, I have been questioning studies that blame the media.  How was this research carried out?  Who conducted this study?  For what purpose was this topic researched?  Why is it important?

Week 3 proved my suspicions that the media changes and distorts select information for their own convoluted benefit, whatever that may be.  Again, I questioned all that was presented to me.  The underlying meaning of advertisements, shows, news reports and even music videos.  Everything seems to have hidden meaning that has an impact on the audience, sometimes without being aware.

My views about the media being owned by an extremely small amount of epic companies were confirmed in week 3.  Though my views about this were supported by a never-ending list of conspiracy theories.  When I found a news story that interested me I used to read other well-known, trusted news sources thinking I was expanding on viewpoints of the issue and getting different angles.  How mislead I was.  I knew the media was concentrated but I didn’t comprehend exactly how much this affected diversity within the media. 

Then the mediated public sphere was introduced.  I have always been a loyal viewer of Q&A.  When this was used as an example for the mediated public sphere, I admit, I got pretty excited.  At first I thought the fact that programs like A Current Affair and Today Tonight can spark debate in the public sphere hard to believe.  I think this was my “Today-Tonight-and-A-Current-Affair-are-crap” opinion getting in the way of my understanding.

Overall I feel that most of my suspicions about the media have been confirmed.  I had these views but I never had the evidence or the extensive knowledge of the nitty-gritty to express them.  This subject has provided me with this evidence and knowledge.